Monday, January 11, 2010

Remaking of a CLASSIC!!

***UPDATE:  Well, we went and saw the movie in 3D.  BIG disappointment.  I think the only part that was noticeable as 3D was the beginning with the stars.  And who is IO?  There was no IO in the original movie; definitely a rewrite of the classic and not a remake. ***

Do you remember Clash of the Titans from the 80's?  The claymation Medusa and Krakken (sp?); the golden owl that sounded like a clock?  Laurence Olivier as Zeus as well as Maggie Smith and Harry Hamlin? LOVED that movie.  I just found a trailer for a remake!  And it comes out in March!  I am so excited!

It is starring:
Sam Worthington as Perseus ( he was Marcus in the latest Terminator film)
Liam Neeson as Zeus (awe-some!)
Ralph Fiennes as Hades (is it just me or does he play bad guys VERY well?)
Gemma Arterton as Io (Fields in the las Bonf film)
Alexa Davalos as Andromeda (Chronicles of Riddick & Defiance)
Danny Huston as Poseidon (Stryker in the last X-men movie)
Mads Mikkelsen as Draco (Bad dude in Quantum of Solace)
Hans Matheson as Ixas (Mordred in Mists of Avalon)
Jason Flemyng as Acrisius (Primus in Stardust -LOVED his character)
Tamer Hassan as God of War (Batman Begins)
and Pete Postlethwaite - how do you NOT know this actor!

I am so excited and doing a little dance as I am typing this :o)  Anyways you can watch the trailers below.

Trailer 1
Trailer 2


BTW, I just noticed I have 2 posts in one day - -holy cow!  I think I am on a roll this week!

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