Monday, January 11, 2010

I Took the Plunge!

Okay, so looking around on the web - -when am I not doing that! - I found this great site called Simple Stories, a division of Memory Works.  It's fast scrapbooking, which I love.  I do traditional pages that are heavily embellished, but sometimes I like to do quick pages as it the pictures just look better that way.  This site is all about that!  It is page protectors that are divided and preprinted sheets (double sided) to fill in so you can still personalize and journal.  I love it! 

 Anyway, they are having a special right now of a $9.99 joining fee!  $9.99  Unbelievable!  Plus, you only have to make a $75 purhcase a year!  umm . . .done!  And a $20 a year consultant fee.  On top of this you get your commision!  Oh my gosh, am I loving this company! 

So . . .I took the plunged and joined.  I am so crazy!  Not only am I a consultant for The Angel Company (which I love by the way!) and for Scentsy, great product and wonderful hosting benefits (January is double hostess rewards too!), but now I am a Memory Works Consultant!  Whew!  Shameless plug, I know!  I am so excited about this product! I will definitely upload projects as I complete them - - the list is about 10 miles long right now so these kits are even better now!  

I cannot wait for this stuff to get here!  You can count down with me here for the new release on the 18th!

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