Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cool Blog I found with a Giveaway

So, surfing the web as usual, I come across this great blog, Scrappin N Style.  She has the cutest Valentines box posted on there as well as items she has made listed by Cartridge!  I am only on the 2nd page right now but I think I will be on her blog for the rest of the night!  PLUS, she is giving away the Love Struck Cartridge on February 6th!!!  Definitely check out her blog - - -lots of inspiration!!  Scrappin N Style

Monday, January 25, 2010

My AWESOME Weekend!

So I have been a huge fan of Michelle Zindorf's work.  She creates beautiful work that has always intimidated me as I could not figure out how she got her cards to look so beautiful even with the tutorials!  Well, this weekend she came to Phoenix, AZ and my mom and I were able to take her beginning brayer course on Saturday and the Advanced course on Sunday.  WOW.  I learned so much in two days.  Not just the brayering, but different techniques and how to blend your colors so it looks like the color just transitions throughout the card.  So a total surprise to me is that included in the class cost is your own "kit".

Stop reading here if you are taking one of her classes within the next few months!!!

This is mostly what we received on Saturday. Pictured is a Stampin' Up Set, a brayer, a white gel pen, a work pad, and sponges  On Sunday we got as part of our kit, the Versamark pad and marker and these two sets.  How awesome is that !?!?!?!

Here are pics of the 3 cards we made on Saturday.  I'll update when my mom's pictures are up as her cards were better -no finger prints :o)  Plus she also has a picture of us with Michelle. 

They are so professional looking!!  I just love how these cards turned out!!

I also won a prize both days. This stamp set I won on Saturday and on Sunday I won Michelle's card that she made along with us + She autographed my brayer! I'm so bad!!

And here are the cards from the Advanced Class.  SO much harder than the Beginning Class just because of the additional content that was covered.  But it was sooooooo much fun!

This sunset card is my favorite by far of the 3 cards that we did because of the colors.  Can you see where I "marked" it?  I was so mad I did that!!
So this was the last card we did. Mine is the left one. The right is the card Michelle completed in class that I won in the drawing. She even signed it . . . . . . . hehehehe. . . .

This weekend was a BLAST . . . . . Thank you Michelle!!!

Mom's Birthday Gift

So here are the details for the card and "envelope" I made for my mom for her birthday.  I found an awesome template called Homemade by Lauren Meader (LOVE her stuff and NEW store!)  at PTI . I cut and assembled it all in one day.  The file came with assembly instructions -LOTS of scoring -and ideas for decorating/embellishing.  One house had the sides all crimped like siding on a real house.  I love the effect this had on the house.  I think I might try it with an embossing folder next time  . . . . hmm . . . . . Here are the house pics:

Here is the front and dormer view.  You can see where I used the FlowerSoft and also the leaves.


These pics are showing the details of the tree, lightpost and the inside of the box (picture my 6 yr old drew for Gramma inside too).  You can also see the sanding and distressing down on the Bazzill Swiss Dots paper.

Here is the back of the house and also the second tree that is on the right side. 

Template -Homemade by Lauren Meader
Stamps -PTI Homemade
Tools -Scor-Pal, Scor-Tape, Crimper, Cricut
Inks - Palette (Purple), Memento Rich Cocoa, Nick Bantock Van Dyke Brown
Markers -Copic (will update colors soon)
Paper -Kraft and Mulberry Cardstock from my stash, Bazzill Swiss Dots paper
Embellishments -FlowerSoft Heather, lightpost and fence from Images by Heather M, bush from Jubilee and bird from Home Accents cartridges, trees from Shelly's Art at Paperthreads.

Here is the card I made for her birthday as my mom is an avid quilter!  I found the svg file at Paperthreads and just KNEW it was for her!  I had some problems finding a card base that would work for what I wanted and asked around in a yahoo group for assistance.  The wonderful EXTREMELY talented Paulo came to my assistance and created a scalloped edge card for me.  THANK YOU!!  (I used the card with the scallop on the back edge of the card.)  I used the Bazzill Swiss Dots paper again for the whole card and sanded everything so the dots would POP.  I heavily distressed the card with Van Dyke Brown as my mom loves antique quilts and I thought she would love the "aged" look (no pun intended! Honest!).  Here is the card:

Sorry its blurry!  I am working on the lighting and "special" features my camera has :o)

Here is a clearer pic of the inside; you can see the detail of the chandelier and the paper.


Wedding Ring Square from Shelly's Art, Card Base came from from Paulo,  Brackets on inside of card - I'm trying to find the website and will update the post :o)
Tools -Paper Sander, Cricut, Crimper
Inks - Nick Bantock Van Dyke Brown
Paper -Kraft, Bazzill Swiss Dots paper

The whole project took me about 9 hours for the house and card.  Sorry for the bad lighting.  I am working on that!  So, what do you think?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Remaking of a CLASSIC!!

***UPDATE:  Well, we went and saw the movie in 3D.  BIG disappointment.  I think the only part that was noticeable as 3D was the beginning with the stars.  And who is IO?  There was no IO in the original movie; definitely a rewrite of the classic and not a remake. ***

Do you remember Clash of the Titans from the 80's?  The claymation Medusa and Krakken (sp?); the golden owl that sounded like a clock?  Laurence Olivier as Zeus as well as Maggie Smith and Harry Hamlin? LOVED that movie.  I just found a trailer for a remake!  And it comes out in March!  I am so excited!

It is starring:
Sam Worthington as Perseus ( he was Marcus in the latest Terminator film)
Liam Neeson as Zeus (awe-some!)
Ralph Fiennes as Hades (is it just me or does he play bad guys VERY well?)
Gemma Arterton as Io (Fields in the las Bonf film)
Alexa Davalos as Andromeda (Chronicles of Riddick & Defiance)
Danny Huston as Poseidon (Stryker in the last X-men movie)
Mads Mikkelsen as Draco (Bad dude in Quantum of Solace)
Hans Matheson as Ixas (Mordred in Mists of Avalon)
Jason Flemyng as Acrisius (Primus in Stardust -LOVED his character)
Tamer Hassan as God of War (Batman Begins)
and Pete Postlethwaite - how do you NOT know this actor!

I am so excited and doing a little dance as I am typing this :o)  Anyways you can watch the trailers below.

Trailer 1
Trailer 2


BTW, I just noticed I have 2 posts in one day - -holy cow!  I think I am on a roll this week!

I Took the Plunge!

Okay, so looking around on the web - -when am I not doing that! - I found this great site called Simple Stories, a division of Memory Works.  It's fast scrapbooking, which I love.  I do traditional pages that are heavily embellished, but sometimes I like to do quick pages as it the pictures just look better that way.  This site is all about that!  It is page protectors that are divided and preprinted sheets (double sided) to fill in so you can still personalize and journal.  I love it! 

 Anyway, they are having a special right now of a $9.99 joining fee!  $9.99  Unbelievable!  Plus, you only have to make a $75 purhcase a year!  umm . . .done!  And a $20 a year consultant fee.  On top of this you get your commision!  Oh my gosh, am I loving this company! 

So . . .I took the plunged and joined.  I am so crazy!  Not only am I a consultant for The Angel Company (which I love by the way!) and for Scentsy, great product and wonderful hosting benefits (January is double hostess rewards too!), but now I am a Memory Works Consultant!  Whew!  Shameless plug, I know!  I am so excited about this product! I will definitely upload projects as I complete them - - the list is about 10 miles long right now so these kits are even better now!  

I cannot wait for this stuff to get here!  You can count down with me here for the new release on the 18th!

Monday, January 4, 2010

been crazy busy . . .

So I think I am now done with my Christmas cards and gifts . . it's only the 4th right?  Of January?!?!

 *sigh*  sooo gonna work on my procrastination this year.

I do have pics of the cards, boxes and houses I made for everyone  . . but, I want to make sure certain peoples have received it before they sneek a peak.  So my goal is to have the pics up by next week (caution: there are a TON of pics) as well as the sites/links you can purchase and/or find the files and patterns to make your own.  Actually, lets make it 2 weeks :o)  This way I can make sure I am not forgetting anything or anyone who helped me figure out how to convert the files so I could cut them on my cricut.  MAJOR time saver!  Anywho, if you are getting a little excited, you can see the house and card I made for my mom's birthday (which was a few days after Christmas) on her blog here.