Monday, January 25, 2010

My AWESOME Weekend!

So I have been a huge fan of Michelle Zindorf's work.  She creates beautiful work that has always intimidated me as I could not figure out how she got her cards to look so beautiful even with the tutorials!  Well, this weekend she came to Phoenix, AZ and my mom and I were able to take her beginning brayer course on Saturday and the Advanced course on Sunday.  WOW.  I learned so much in two days.  Not just the brayering, but different techniques and how to blend your colors so it looks like the color just transitions throughout the card.  So a total surprise to me is that included in the class cost is your own "kit".

Stop reading here if you are taking one of her classes within the next few months!!!

This is mostly what we received on Saturday. Pictured is a Stampin' Up Set, a brayer, a white gel pen, a work pad, and sponges  On Sunday we got as part of our kit, the Versamark pad and marker and these two sets.  How awesome is that !?!?!?!

Here are pics of the 3 cards we made on Saturday.  I'll update when my mom's pictures are up as her cards were better -no finger prints :o)  Plus she also has a picture of us with Michelle. 

They are so professional looking!!  I just love how these cards turned out!!

I also won a prize both days. This stamp set I won on Saturday and on Sunday I won Michelle's card that she made along with us + She autographed my brayer! I'm so bad!!

And here are the cards from the Advanced Class.  SO much harder than the Beginning Class just because of the additional content that was covered.  But it was sooooooo much fun!

This sunset card is my favorite by far of the 3 cards that we did because of the colors.  Can you see where I "marked" it?  I was so mad I did that!!
So this was the last card we did. Mine is the left one. The right is the card Michelle completed in class that I won in the drawing. She even signed it . . . . . . . hehehehe. . . .

This weekend was a BLAST . . . . . Thank you Michelle!!!


Dan said...

What awesome cards! You got great results! :)

Busy B said...

Awesome! This is my first visit to your blog, thanks to the link in your response to the Copic Club posts on Cutter's Creek.I'm a beginning blogger and papercrafter. You're blog is an inspiration to me! Keep up the great work!