For Sale

Project 365 Kit - - opened; missing ribbon -$40 OBO

Martha Stewart ScoreBoard - -slightly used great condition - -$12

Big Bite with case -never used  $23

I-top: tool, 16mm and 22mm and brads with stencils and Papers:  All Occasion and Seasonal -never used  $30 OBO

The Angel Company:
I have 3 boxes of stamps from The Angel Company, now Red Rubber Designs. The boxes are 10x12x15. The first box is a mix of uncut and cut/mounted sets, Of the cut mounted sets, about 5 of them were used once or twice, There are 18 sets plus a grab bag of uncut sets and 26 sets of the cut/mounted stamps.

The last two boxes are the same size and have between the two of them 70 sets that are cut but not mounted and never used.

I will sell the entire lot for $500 considering the large amount of money spent on purchasing them. Or, if you are interested, you can come look at the sets and I can sell them individually for $3-$12 each. If you buy 5 or more sets, I will take another 10% off your total purchase.

If you are looking for specific sets, please let me know as there are over 100 sets of stamps here. I will not be taking individual pictures due to quantity.  


The Works Alphabet, previous stamp of the month - -Like New , slight staining on 12 letters. $5
Flying' High, never used $9  $6
Little Builder, never used $9  $6
Nursery Bash, only used Happy Birthday and 1st with slight staining. $5

Stampin Up!:  all come brand new, with blocks for mounting
Mr. Twigster, never used $7  $4
Classic Stripes, never used $12  $8
Holliday Collection, never used  $8
Birthday Wishes, never used  $4

Paper Salon:
Small Talk, barely used   $8
Bloom Builder, never used   $10

Circle #2 die, never used $7

If you would like to see a pic please leave a comment. Also, more items will be added as I come across them.

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