Monday, January 4, 2010

been crazy busy . . .

So I think I am now done with my Christmas cards and gifts . . it's only the 4th right?  Of January?!?!

 *sigh*  sooo gonna work on my procrastination this year.

I do have pics of the cards, boxes and houses I made for everyone  . . but, I want to make sure certain peoples have received it before they sneek a peak.  So my goal is to have the pics up by next week (caution: there are a TON of pics) as well as the sites/links you can purchase and/or find the files and patterns to make your own.  Actually, lets make it 2 weeks :o)  This way I can make sure I am not forgetting anything or anyone who helped me figure out how to convert the files so I could cut them on my cricut.  MAJOR time saver!  Anywho, if you are getting a little excited, you can see the house and card I made for my mom's birthday (which was a few days after Christmas) on her blog here.


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