Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Copic Organization

So I just got the best thing EVER!!!  I was able to order 2 Copic Wallets from Cutterscreek and they came in this weekend!  I love how much more accessible my markers are now.  I have 2 completely full and am working on filling a third one.  Bytheway, I have the 72 count wallets.  Don't they look cool?  Plus I found out it holds sketch, ciao and original markers so I have them all in one place now!  I am so excited!!!


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KellyRae said...

LOVE it! Can we say jealous? I just might have to get another couple of wallets. I think it's great the wallet holds the various styles of markers too. I was wondering how you'd handle two markers of the same color but different styles - and see you just put them side by side. Looks good. One suggestion for you - make a cap label for your Ciao marker. Scribble color onto an address label and then punch out two circles (top and bottom caps) using 1/4-inch punch. You could probably enter the marker numbers, print out onto labels, scribble the various colors and then punch out and apply to the various marker caps.