Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some Sad News

After much debate, I have decided that February 28th will be my last day as a Scentsy Independent Consultant. With the economy how it is and recent pay cuts with mine and my husband's employers, I can no longer sell the product I love due to lack of time and lack of funds. If, like me, you are still a die hard Scentsy fan, I know some wonderful consultants in the area that would be more than helpful in providing service to each of you. I am so sad to part with this company as it is a wonderful company that is supportive and fun. And Growing!! There is still so much more this company has to offer and I am truly hoping I can be a part of it again in the future.

I am liquidating all of my inventory, product and supplies (for my fellow consultants), as I will no longer be able to sell it. Please contact me if you are interested in any product I may have at

Thank you so much for your business and I hope to maintain all of the many wonderful and supportive friendships I have made in this Scentsy endeavor.


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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! Let me start by first saying that your blog is aWeSoMe! I want one too now. How did you do this? Besides that, what do you mean by a recent pay cut from your employer ??!!!?? Is it where we work?? Oh goodness, I really hope is not. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend. See u Monday.

vanessa ~